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Gunnison Consulting Group has been the epitome of DevOps-powered application development and testing for large-scale software to clients in the government and commercial sectors.

“DevOps is ingrained in our workflow as it helps our team succeed in developing the right software solutions.”

Gunnison has been a leader in the adoption of Agile and DevSecOps practices as evidenced by the Company’s recent selection as one of the top 20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers by CIO Review magazine.

Gunnison makes use of tools like Jenkins, Octopus, Artifactory, NuGet, Nexus, and others to enable the continuous delivery of software for our clients and to automate deployments to all target environments.

Primary DevSecOps and Agile Methodology Solutions

  • Enterprise Responsive Mobile Applications
  • Quality Assurance and Fraud Detection Systems
  • Back-end Systems for a Wide Range in the Government Sector
  • Automated and Manual Systems Testing

Side by Side, Shoulder to Shoulder

Gunnison’s approach to any consulting project is to create a collaborative, high-trust, partnership with our clients. It enables us to fully understand each client’s environment and determine the most effective technologies and techniques that can be leveraged to solve their most challenging problems.

Agile adoption and development can be a game changer for many organizations. For many years Gunnison has been running several mature stable agile teams. We have expert staff with solid real-world experience.

Gunnison makes use of DevSecOps on our Agile teams. Working shoulder to shoulder with our clients at the U.S. Census we drove their adoption of DevSecOps. As an example:

Gunnison implemented DevSecOps at the U.S. Census, taking a multi-day package, release and deployment process from 48 hours to only 20 minutes. Gunnison achieved this by developing an automated process that incorporates Jenkins, versioned pipeline scripts, and Octopus Deploy to maintain the primary release cycle across all applications and dependencies. Developers follow a strict code branching model for software development. Branches are peer-reviewed prior to any merges in the mainline software branches. Merges into the mainline branches trigger automated builds. Internal testers have “push button” access to promote a build into test environments without developer intervention. Deployments to higher environments are tagged by release, incorporating automated unit and performance testing tools.

Gunnison’s Agile and DevSecOps expertise impacts at the product, technology, and process levels. By doing so we can make better use of resources, improve quality and improve the speed at which changes can be moved into production. Whether you are trying to shorten your time-to-market, reduce costs, or quickly adapt to an evolving business or larger eco-system need, Gunnison is your right Agile DevSecOps partner.

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