Accelerate the startup of new mobile projects

Gunnison Consulting Group’s mobile engineering framework accelerates the startup of new mobile projects, enabling you to realize business value from Sprint #1. We specialize in enterprise-level responsive mobile solutions that integrate with your existing data and systems. Our solutions support functionality across all mobile platforms and work securely in a BYOD context. They are optimized for the enterprise and are available for usage even when disconnected.

Recent Enterprise Mobile and Website Solution Projects

Census Mobile Case Management

  • Architected to be scalable for US Decennial 2020 Census volumes to support up to 100,000 field workers.
  • Gunnison delivered a platform agnostic app that enables over 30,000 remote employees to organize, prioritize, track and execute their caseloads.
  • Features include weekly schedule, contact plan, configurable case notes, and secure transmissions.
  • Recently MCM supported the U.S Census Address Canvasing operation where over 30,000 users were in the field canvasing over 59 Million addresses.


JD Power – NADA Used Car Guide

  • Appraisal Suite Mobile and Web Application – Gunnison delivered an adaptive mobile application for iOS and Android that enables VIN scanning and better native support for image uploading and printing.
  • MarketValues Native iOS and Android Application – Gunnison designed and developed the JD Power MarketValues mobile application for the National Automobile Dealers Association. MarketValues can produce 1.9M vehicle values and over 5.8M accessory values with all data stored locally on the device. This ensures dealers at auction houses across the US where cellular service is spotty can immediately access valuation data as they are quickly deciding weather and what to bid on a vehicle.


International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)

  • IAFF Frontline Mobile Solution – In just six months, Gunnison developed and fielded a mobile application for the 300,000 members of the International Association of Fire Fighters that replaced the organization’s paper directories and connects Firefighters with real-time updates of crucial information from teams across the continent to support their health and safety.
  • IAFF Responsive Website Redesign – Gunnison redesigned the IAFF Website to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones) and integrated it into our custom-developed content management solution.