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Appraise used vehicles fast — online, on your table or smartphone — with market and valuation data from JD Power and six other top industry sources

The NCS was a planned large-scale, long-term study of U.S. children and their parents designed to study environmental and genetic influences on child health and development. Gunnison led the requirements definition and user acceptance testing for the pilot, and went on to assist in the same capacity for the main study.

Appraisal Suite comes in two versions: “Appraisal” and “Appraisal PRO” which includes access to market summary.

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J.D. Power Appraisal Suite

Gunnison assisted in developing NADA Appraisal Suite – a .NET web application with mobile versions for iOS and Android that enable VIN scanning and better native support for image uploading and printing.

Appraisal Suite comes in two versions: “Appraisal” and “Appraisal PRO” which includes access to market summary.

Project Features

  • Optimized for Tablets
  • Photo Uploading
  • Desktop and mobile access
  • VIN Scanning
  • Integrated with the industry leading data sources
  • JD Power Auto Values
  • AutoTrader Asking Prices
  • J.D. Power and Associates Retail Transactions
  • Manheim Market Report Auction Transactions
  • vAuto Used Vehicle True Market Days Supply

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For more information on Gunnison’s JD Power projects contact our Commercial Mobile and Website Solutions Director.

J.D. Power MarketValues

Gunnison designed and developed the MarketValues mobile application to deliver the latest used car values to iPhone and Android users – Approx. 1.9M vehicle values across the US.

Users can scan VIN bar codes and the software decodes the VIN and retrieves the make, model, year and factory-installed options – even when disconnected from the network. Users can enter mileage and vehicle condition, and the software displays estimated wholesale and retail pricing as well as recent auction sales of comparable vehicles. Users can also retrieve the AutoCheck score and the CarFax vehicle history report.

Project Features

  • The MarketValues App can decode the VIN barcodes of millions of vehicles and contains 20 years of vehicle data covering over 50 makes.
  • The app can produce 1.9 million vehicle values and over 5.8 million accessory values across 10 regions of the United States.
  • All the data resides locally on the device and is compressed to about 6MB for delivery to the device (30MB expanded on device). Original database was 500MB.


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