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Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), or concussion, is a significant public health concern, accounting for over 500,000 pediatric visits to Emergency Departments (EDs) annually. Children may suffer for months with severe headaches, trouble concentrating, depression, anxiety, and sleep problems if concussions are not diagnosed and managed appropriately. Many times when patients leave the hospital, they do not fully understand the importance of follow-up or forget due to busy schedules and other factors.

Gunnison developed the prototype for a model of Patient-Provider Communication and Self-Management of Disease in Children to resolve this pressing health problem. The mobile application uses a strategy of a unified middleware layer to serve multiple mobile devices. The middleware layer then communicates to the backend business systems as well as any other data source that is required for the application. This alleviates strain on the central CNMC electronic medical records systems, allows for a central system for business logic and allows for scaling of additional users/devices as usage increases.

The initial pilot serves both Android and Apple iOS devices utilizing the same central middleware layer that communicates with backend systems. It delivers notifications to devices and receives data back.

Project Features

  • Automation of the Emergency Department Discharge Instructions Common Signs & Symptoms for Concussion.
  • Observational component that can be used by the primary caregiver and the patient component that will allow the child to record their own signs and symptoms.
  • Mobile eFollow Application that will quickly run patients or children through a symptoms checklist and provide basic instructions to follow if issues are identified.
  • Web eFollow Portal for managing contact, symptom, and observation result data from patients and observers.

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