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In support of the CIO and the Office of IT Program Management, Gunnison provided engineering support to several significant IT acquisition and development efforts which enhanced the FBI’s investigative capabilities and expanded it’s information sharing capabilities within the law enforcement community. These included:

  • R-Dex – the Regional Data Exchange for the Department of Justice
  • NGIC – National Gang Intelligence Center
  • SMIS – Security Management Information System for FBI’s Security Division
  • BIDMAS – Bureau Investigative Document Management and Analysis System for the Financial Crimes Unit
  • CORE – Collection Operations & Requirements Environment for ODNI
  • E-Discovery – the FBI’s Electronic Discovery project for the Office of General Counsel

Gunnison provided direct support to the program managers of these efforts and provided system engineering expertise in requirements management, architectural analysis and design, product evaluation, system testing, system auditing, configuration management, and acquisition package development.

Regional Data Exchange (R-DEx)   View Details

Systems engineering support for implementing the Department of Justice (DOJ) Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program (LEISP) to enhance information sharing capabilities across Federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies.

National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC)   View Details

Gunnison supported the multiagency initiative established by Congress to combat the expansion of gang activity within the US and abroad by integrating the assets of the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and other affected federal agencies to serve as a clearinghouse and information management mechanism for gang intelligence on a national and international scope.

Bureau Investigative Document Management and Analysis System (BIDMAS)   View Details

Financial Crimes Section

Gunnison assisted the FBI with establishing a toolset to support computer enhanced analysis of electronic data which allows agents to cull through large data sets more quickly to identify relevant, non-relevant, privileged, etc. data. Gunnison supported the development of the concept of operations, market analysis of available products, development of the source selection documents, evaluation of the proposals, and testing of the selected products, including user acceptance testing.

E-Discovery   View Details

Office of General Counsel

Gunnison provided support on improving the Bureau’s approach to meeting discovery requirements for electronically stored information (ESI) by providing an analysis of solutions and drafting requirements  for a competitive system acquisition.  Gunnison also assisted with a developing the concept of operations for the solution.

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