National Children’s Study for National Institutes Of Health

Gunnison was awarded a 5-year contract to support the National Children’s Study (NCS). The NCS was a planned large-scale, long-term study of U.S. children and their parents designed to study environmental and genetic influences on child health and development.

The Pilot NCS Vanguard Study began in 2009, testing methods and procedures planned for use in a larger Main Study. When recruitment ended for the pilot in July 2013, the Vanguard Study had enrolled approximately 5,000 children in 40 locations across the country.

Gunnison led the requirements definition and user acceptance testing for the pilot, and went on to assist in the same capacity for the main study. The planned NCS Main Study would have followed 100,000 children from before birth to age 21. However, the NIH Director decided to close the NCS in December 2014. Gunnison assisted with the project closeout activities which completed June 2015.

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