Mobile Case Management

for U.S. Census Bureau -

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Architected to be scalable for US Decennial 2020 Census volumes to support up to 500,000 field workers.

When the Census Bureau needed a mobile case management solution for its 12,000 field workers, Gunnison delivered a supplier-neutral app that enables users to be spatially aware in real-time, replacing their paper maps and dramatically reducing the time  needed to identify locations in the field.

Project Features

  • Quick access to case list across all surveys
  • Advance full text searching and filtering
  • Map integration to help with route planning
  • Web delivered but can operate completely disconnected
  • Provides a single dashboard for all mission related activities across multiple operations.
  • Works on multiple form factors and operating systems
  • Integrates with existing “legacy” systems
  • Targeted both for Census “current surveys” and for the decennial census field operation
  • All sensitive data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • All functionality available even when no internet connection available.
  • Multi-platform, multi-form factor native support
    • iOS, Android, WinRT (phones, tablets, convertibles)
  • Disconnected State
    • Full functionality for remote field workers with spotty connections
  • Minimize “Data on the wire” Cell Costs
  • Minimize Hard Drive Footprint
  • Flexible Base Map
    • U.S. Census Bureau, GoogleMaps, Bing Maps, ESRI
  • Full FIPS-140 Encryption of all data at rest and in transit at the application level
  • Supports “Bring Your Own Device” paradigm
  • 3-meter accuracy for all GPS/GNSS map spots
  • Integration with legacy systems + Standalone capability
  • Two factor authentication


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