2020 Census Tabulations are Ready to Go!

The Gunnison/Census Tabulation Team Successfully Delivered a Redistricting Data Summary File in April, proving readiness for the 2020 Census.
Have you ever wondered about the United States House of Representatives, its 435 voting members, and their Congressional District boundaries? Well, the Gunnison Tabulation Team must! PL94-171 is a law enacted in 1975, and it directs the Census Bureau to provide data that must be used for redistricting purposes by the 50 states. Census must send this data within one year following Census Day, and it must be delivered to the governors and legislative leadership. Currently, six tables are in the product; they focus on summary statistics for population and housing related themes. This is a very high profile Federal government data product.

The 2018 PL94-171 (Redistricting Data) Prototype Summary File is basically a test in preparation for prime time (2020), and it allows the public to see a preview of the new file format and data tables (on ftp.census.gov). An extremely limited number of legislators are also permitted to see the data render on data.census.gov.

Over the past two years, the “small but mighty” Tabulation Team enhanced and developed code for the Decennial Census/American Community Survey Tabulation System, used for this effort. New components include Dictionary Creation, Tabular Data and XML for data.census.gov, and Summary Files for ftp.census.gov. Enhancements include addressing performance issues in the core tabulation engine and improving the Table Review System.

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