U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

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The US Department of Agriculture, Client Experience Center (CEC) is a support organization within the USDA, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) that provides Information Technology (IT) support to USDA agencies.

CEC currently supports over 125,000 USDA customers and over 3,500 Support Staff, in more than 800 Support Groups, through CEC’s current tool – Self-Service. CEC’s historical volume of annual requests moving through the ITSM system from data is: 900,000 Incidents, 180,000 Change Requests, and 150,000 Work Orders. In all CEC processes approximately 1,230,000 requests per year.

Gunnison supports the USDA CEC mission by delivering professional services that including the following:

  • Provide technical guidance and monitor/report project performance
  • Develop, implement and support the current ITSM toolset, including incident, change, work order, release, asset, problem, and knowledge management.
  • Provide direct integration support of the ITSM Toolset and the ITSM Toolset Atrium CMDB.
  • Develop and administer custom workflows and applications within the SRM module.
  • Provide analysis and support of day-to-day ITSM Tool operations.
  • Develop, coordinate, manage and oversee an Automated testing process.


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