Gunnison, through its wholly owned subsidiary Information Innovators LLC, offers customers across all government agencies advanced technical solutions and professional expertise in digital services, cybersecurity, and intelligence and automation. Our CIO-SP3 contract was awarded as an Unrestricted Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) by the NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC), which can be used by any federal civilian or DoD agency to fulfill a broad range of mission critical IT requirements.

With a $20 billion ceiling, flexible contract types and the ability to award in modular increments and incorporate performance-based features, CIO-SP3 allows for streamlined planning, acquisition and deployment of large-scale IT program requirements.

Contract number


Task Areas

  • Task Area 1 – IT Services for Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare
  • Task Area 2 – Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support
  • Task Area 3 – Imaging
  • Task Area 4 – Outsourcing
  • Task Area 5 – IT Operations and Maintenance
  • Task Area 6 – Integration Services
  • Task Area 7 – Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance
  • Task Area 8 – Digital Government
  • Task Area 9 – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Task Area 10 – Software Development

Payment Terms

Payment terms are net 30 days. Gunnison does not offer any prompt payment discounts.