Gunnison Consulting Group is pleased to announce that it was awarded a 5-year, $9.9 million contract from the U.S. Census Bureau to expand their Geographic Update Partnership Software (GUPS) to include a web-based option. This is Gunnison’s third development contract for the innovative, open-source GUPS application.

The contract scope covers a stand-alone and web-based solution for the Census Bureau’s 2020 Census Count Question Resolution Program, 2020 Congressional District and State Legislative District updates, and the Public Use Microdata Areas Program. Gunnison will support the design, development, and testing of GUPS to support these partnership programs and other annual programs like the Boundary and Annexation Survey through September 2025.

Gunnison has an extensive history of GIS software development and related activities on a number of major projects for the Census Bureau including the current GUPS work and the Listing and Mapping Application which supported the work of over 30,000 field workers during the 2020 Decennial Field Operations.

Gunnison supported the initial design and development of GUPS starting in October 2014, leveraging the open source QGIS framework which has proven to be a cost effective and efficient solution for the geographic partnership program participants. Geographic program participants using GUPS have praised the software’s intuitive design for all levels of GIS users. Gunnison plans to continue to build on this framework including exploring the use of the QGIS-web client to reuse the business logic of the standalone system.

The success that the Gunnison team has achieved on all its Census Bureau projects, including the GUPS project, has been the direct result of its close partnership and collaboration with the Census Bureau over the past 25 years.

About Gunnison
Founded in 1994, Gunnison is celebrating 25 years tackling its clients’ most ambitious IT projects and serving its critical mission objectives. Major customers include the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Food and Drug Administration, and the U.S. Census Bureau.